Yes, we recognize different expectations and requirements for each student. The usual trial process starts with an assessment of the student’s abilities before matching the student to the teacher whom is best suited for him/her.

We are also open to assigning you with a teacher of your choice, subject to availability at your preferred day and time.

We conduct customized lesson plans for our students and always respect their choices on their preferred approach to learning and taking examinations.

While examinations may constitute as a measure of their standards in certain ways, some may prefer a stress-free learning style and curriculum. Prior to sending students for their examinations, we will first base off the student’s ability to take on examinations via recommendations from their instructors.  

Yes, but the student has to provide us with an official Medical Certificate (MC) or

Has reasonably given the studio a 24-hour notice prior to his/her absence.

No, there are no age requirements. However, we encourage children to commence learning from about 5 years of age to build a strong music appreciation foundation where they can start being exposed to multiple instruments.

We currently have students enrolled and have taught children as young as 4 years to advanced adults at 80 years.

We believe in providing a conducive environment for all our students.

As a musical studio, we trust that the best learning occurs when physically present due to lesser distractions combined with  greater access to musical scores and materials. Besides, having lessons at the studio will provide the student with greater exposure to other instruments. Lastly, we are able to group the students together for cohesive duets and group ensembles.

Should you have limitations, we offer the option of attending classes in the comfort of your own home. We offer thesixthstring @home and thesixthstring @flexi for more flexibility in lesson venues and time slots.

Kindly forward us your enquiry via the enquiries button below and we will try to accommodate different packages for your needs.

If you have further questions that are unanswered, do not hesitate to reach out to us through our enquiries page.